Raising awareness of Dunedin’s IT industry locally and globally. This directory highlights high-tech companies that choose to call Dunedin home.

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    newSplash Design Studio logo

    We design real stuff for real clients. We provide real jobs to real talented and dedicated students and graduates. We have professionals who benefit our clients and interns with their real industry knowledge.... We work to real budgets and have real deadlines with real consequences. We are makinga real difference to the real world...

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    Igtimi Ltd logo

    Igtimi produce comprehensive GPS tracking, time based data recording, visualisation, and management solutions.

    The flagship product, YachtBot, is used for training and watching international competitive yachting. It is tightly integrated, robust, easy to use, and reliable.

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    i-Visit Ltd logo

    i-Visit is a mobile technology company, developing a state of the art mobile information platform for the tourism industry. The platform uses GPS & cell-tower positioning as well as pattern recognition algorithms to provide international and domestic travellers with the most comprehensive mobile tourism information service. It is the most comphrensive travel information tool available on mobile devices in New Zealand.

  • Fresh.As

    Coming soon – a new business venture combing a number of IT applications to successfully deliver real-time information, purchasing and delivery functions.

     A landing page for www.Fresh.As is under development…look for us soon!

  • Tussock Innovation logo

    Tussock Innovation is a Dunedin based Electronic Product Design consultancy company. We focus on providing an accessible service to guide our clients through the product development process, regardless of their level of experience. We provide turnkey solutions as well as the nitty gritty technical services such as PCB Design and Embedded Software Development.

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    Upstart Business Incubator logo

    Upstart Business Incubator

    Talk to Upstart if you have a knowledge or technology-led business idea which has the capability of trading in export markets and you want to grow it from New Zealand’s Lower South Island.  We will help you validate your idea, launch your business, find customers and funding, and establish a corporate structure and advisory team who can take your business forward.

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ADInstruments logo

ADInstruments provides data acquisition and analysis solutions for use in life science research and education.

ADInstruments core product, the PowerLab data acquisition system, is supplied with LabChart, Scope and LabTutor software to provide comprehensive data acquisition, display and analysis features for a wide range of applications. Since 1988, PowerLab (also MacLab) systems have been used in the world's best academic, government and private organizations.

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Greengage NZ logo

At Greengage we build apps for mobile devices - mainly iPhone and iPad. We're also looking to expand to Android and Windows Mobile. Otago businesses now have a local option in Greengage when they want to build their apps. At Greengage we're creating a "finishing school" if you like - a place where new graduates can learn their craft working on real projects using best practices. At Greengage we believe in well-crafted apps and growth - creatively, personally and professionally.

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Nomos Limited logo

Based in Dunedin, New Zealand, Nomos Limited is an IT company specialising in the creation of targeted solutions for the legal sector. We combine legal experience with business and modern cloud-based software technologies to provide simple user solutions. Our first software as a service ("SAAS") for the management of commercial lease files is currently available for New Zealand firms.

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OceanBrowser logo


OceanBrowser Ltd is a learning technology company based in Dunedin New Zealand.

Our technologies are employed by leading Universities in the delivery of medical education programmes. Currently we're developing OceanBrowser 3, the web application for professional and postgraduate learning.

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Computer Concepts Ltd logo

Computer Concepts Limited has forged an enviable reputation for providing innovative and cost effective engineering-powered IT expertise in network consultancy, project management and support services. Founded in 1990 by its current Managing Director Darryl Swann, Computer Concepts is privately owned with offices in Auckland, Nelson, Christchurch and Dunedin and a team of engineers in excess of fifty.

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The Distiller logo

The Distiller

The Distiller is a cluster of technopreneurs based in Dunedin founded by Jason Leong, Pierre-Emmanuel De La Bussiere, Tim Calder, James Wigglesworth and Francois Bondiguel. It is a non-profit cluster designed by technopreneurs, for technopreneurs.

The Distiller aims to help entrepreneurs bring their ideas to fruition by providing an environment that encourages progress through knowledge sharing, networking, and cross-inspiration.

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