Raising awareness of Dunedin’s IT industry locally and globally. This directory highlights high-tech companies that choose to call Dunedin home.

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    Outreach Software logo

    OutreachCRM is a powerful online contact database, enabling you to enter, retain, instantly recall and analyse organisation and contact information. OutreachCRM creates a central source of valuable contact information.  Through recording your contacts details and a history of communication, OutreachCRM builds and retains business knowledge in an organised, easy to use way, creating an accountable and tangible record of your business information.  Knowing your customers well is about organising, building and retaining business communications, & having that up-to-the-minute information available anywhere, anytime.

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    Greengage NZ logo

    At Greengage we build apps for mobile devices - mainly iPhone and iPad. We're also looking to expand to Android and Windows Mobile. Otago businesses now have a local option in Greengage when they want to build their apps. At Greengage we're creating a "finishing school" if you like - a place where new graduates can learn their craft working on real projects using best practices. At Greengage we believe in well-crafted apps and growth - creatively, personally and professionally.

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    Upstart Business Incubator logo

    Upstart Business Incubator

    Talk to Upstart if you have a knowledge or technology-led business idea which has the capability of trading in export markets and you want to grow it from New Zealand’s Lower South Island.  We will help you validate your idea, launch your business, find customers and funding, and establish a corporate structure and advisory team who can take your business forward.

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    CodeCraft Dunedin

    We are a group of people interested in software development, learning and getting together. Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month at the Centre for Innovation.

    Primary mailing list is hosted by Google Groups and meetings are organised on Meetup.com.

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    Timely Ltd logo

    Timely is an appointment and booking management system. Not only is Timely easy and fun to use, it is designed specifically to bring you new customers and keep your existing customers well looked after.

    Timely is brought to you by the creators of BookIt, an online booking system that is used by thousands of tourism companies and was acquired by Trade Me in 2010. When it comes to booking systems, we know our stuff.

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    1000Minds Ltd logo

    1000Minds is advanced decision-support software for:

    • Prioritising or ranking alternatives or individuals, for one-off or repeated decision-making.
    • Considering ‘value for money’ and allocating resources.
    • Discovering people’s preferences, including marketing research.
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Animation Research Ltd logo

Animation Research Ltd

Animation Research Limited is one of Australasia’s leading Computer Graphics production houses, turning digital data into pictures.

ARL specializes in Real-Time 3D Sports graphics, 3D Television graphics, 3D Stereographics and 3D Data Visualization Tools.

We've won numerous awards for our CG work in television, and we also develop 3D educational applications.

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Myth logo

Myth is a modern marketing company offering a full range of creative services and open source website solutions from offices in Dunedin and Auckland.

Founded over ten years ago by Hayden Breese, Myth is a team of nine and growing fast. Our company has a creative, and engaged learning culture, supporting a team that is made up of highly motivated people with real talent.

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TracMap NZ Ltd logo

TracMap NZ Ltd

We believe we are best in the world at - making it easy for businesses - to achieve productivity gains - from single operator vehicles - operating in demanding situations.An example is farming, where our systems are used to spread over 50% of the fertiliser applied in NZ.Other examples include units on quad bikes for accurate shifting of irrigation sprinklers, and on roadside sprayers to show target work areas and location of hazards.

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Firebrand Holdings Limited logo

Where Energy meets CreativityFirebrand is a dynamic brand, web and marketing agency who are driven to achieve quality results for our clients.

As a Dunedin-based marketing agency specialising in a collective suite of creative services we are always fresh with ideas (but not fresh out of school), our solutions are drawn from our proven industry experience and knowledge: talent we know isn’t easy to come by.

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VentureVoIP logo

In May 2007 VentureVoIP was launched by the then Prime Minister of New Zealand, Helen Clark. Initially the new company focussed on getting established in the New Zealand market to provide a solid foundation for worldwide sales. Once this was completed VentureVoIP started to focus on establishing relationships to provide both software and hardware solutions internationally.

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OceanBrowser logo


OceanBrowser Ltd is a learning technology company based in Dunedin New Zealand.

Our technologies are employed by leading Universities in the delivery of medical education programmes. Currently we're developing OceanBrowser 3, the web application for professional and postgraduate learning.

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